This Is Your Time, This is Your Dance


Hello ladies!

I was listening to some Micheal W. Smith CD’s that I had pulled out of the car today, and of course, I was enthusiastic about THAT CD because it was the one called “This Is Your Time”. Which includes my all-time favorite song, This Is Your Time.

Basically, it’s about Cassie Bernall who was shot in the Columbine Shooting in ’99. She was shot because she said that she’s a Christian to the gunman’s face.

This song upsets most people I know. They always say, “Oh, switch the song. This one is the sad one.” But I disagree. I took aa snippet of the song and placed it down below to show you something. Here it is:


(1st part)

It was a test we could all hope to pass
But none of us would want to take.
Faced with the choice to deny God to live,
For her, there was one choice to make.

This was her time. this was her dance.
She lived every moment; left nothing to chance.
She swam in the sea; drank of the deep;
Embraced the mystery of all she could be.


  The test was ‘to deny, or to not deny God.’ They call it sad. But honostly, I call it joyful. I call it amazing. Because she said yes. She said the words that determined life or death. What would be sad, would be if she said no. That would be tragic. Here’s the second part. It’s a snippet from another part of the song, not following directly after part 1.


(2nd part)

What if tomorrow, and what if today,
Faced with the question,
Oh what would you say?


   For a long time, I didn’t know what I’d say. Because I was afraid of death. But I’m not anymore. I was afraid, because I didn’t know where I stood, what I believed for a fact. So, I didn’t want to be ‘hasty’ and die for something I didn’t really believe. But I’ve realized something. I am the LORD’s child, and I always have been. I just didn’t know it yet. I know what I’d say now. I know where my hope lies. What a better way to go, then to go for Him?

  Here’s the link to the song on Youtube:

  And here’s the link on Spotify, if you have it:


  Think to yourself. What would you say? If I were you, I’d right this question down in your journal or prayer book or something. That’s what I’m doing. But you don’t have to, of course. 😉

So, this is your time. Worship the Lord. Believe it. Breath His Word.

Allie Taylor signoff


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