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Reading and Memorizing the Bible


Have you ever thought, “I wish I read my Bible more often”? Well, a lot of people say that to themselves, but very few people do anything about it.

Reading your Bible often is hard. It takes discipline. Set apart a certain time in your day reserved for reading the Bible. When I first started trying to read my Bible every night, it felt like a chore. It will probably feel like that to you when you first start. But read this carefully.

After you start reading for a while, you will love reading your Bible. You won’t want to stop! I hardly can stay away from my Bible anymore! It gives me so much comfort! I recommend looking at the very back of the Bible. Why? Because there usually is a section of pages (it depends on what Bible you have) where you can look up a subject that is in the Bible, and it will tell you the places in the Bible where you can find that subject. Or you can just start anywhere in the Bible and read. You can’t go wrong with reading the Bible. I usually have highlighters near me so I can highlight anything that stands out to me. It makes the verse much easier to find later.


OK, now on to the memorizing part of this post. Memorizing is much more helpful than you might think. I do Bible Quizzing, something where you memorize whole chapters in the Bible and compete on them. I am not saying you have to memorize whole chapters of the Bible. Take it slow. In your Bible reading, find a verse that stands out to you. A verse that you think will be the most helpful to you. Memorize it. Why is it important to memorize? It is important because those verses will come back to you. Right when you need them. They will help you when you are going through a tough time. Believe me, I have experienced it before. They will give you joy and peace when you are sad.

download (3).jpg

Remember, reading and memorizing your Bible is not supposed to be a chore. It is something you will love to do, and something you turn to in tough times.

Thanks for reading!

Maris Rose signoff


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