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Walking on God’s Path – 3 Magazines for God’s Daughters

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Even harder than finding good books, and maybe even harder then finding good movies and music, is finding good magazines.

I love to get a magazine in my mail box each month. Do you? I’m going to share with you 3 good magazines for God’s Daughters.

Nature Friend

I love this magazine! It has so much in it. It has games, a drawing lesson, and so much more! They have a reader’s issue every year, and for a little more money each month, I think about two dollars, you can add a study guide, with gardening tips, recipes, and writing lessons! They also hide little pictures such as a squirrel and an acorn in each issue, and you have to try to find them.

Nature Friend Magazine

Adventures in Odyssey – Clubhouse

This is a Christian magazine for boys and girls, and it is really fun. It has fun stories, and lots of other things. It also has games and sometimes recipes. There is a version for younger children, too.

Clubhouse Magazine

The King’s Princess

I actually just discovered this magazine, thanks to Madison, but it looks awesome and I signed up for it! It is an E-magazine. It is also free!

The King’s Princess Magazine

Do any of you know of any other magazines?

Have an amazing week!

chloe signoff


Prayer: It Can Be Just Like a Math Problem

Prayer- It Can Be Just Like a Math Problem.png

            “I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear to me; hear my words.” Psalm 17:6 (ESV)

            One of the biggest comforts in the Christian walk is prayer. We find so much comfort in talking to God about all our problems, sorrows, and joys when there is no one else to turn to. God always understands us, even if our prayer is a jumbled mess of words or a short “Lord, please help me.”

Prayer can be like a math problem. Sometimes we can solve it in a few moments, and sometimes it takes forever to figure out. We often ask God for answers to our problems in life. Yet it often seems as if He never answers. I have had this experience many times, and one of the best things to do is to pray fervently every day for an answer. Sometimes God answers very quickly, and sometimes He takes years to answer. In all my experiences, however, God has always answered. In one circumstance, my prayer was answered in about a week. In another experience, it was a few months before my prayer was answered.

Here is the important point to remember: God always answers prayer. Now, go pray about that problem that is on your mind. Just keep praying fervently for an answer every day, and I can guarantee that God will answer it one way or another.

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True Beauty

true beauty

What do you consider to be the definition of true beauty? For me, it is not the outside that matters.

To me, (and God,) what matters is the inside.

There might be a girl at your school who is remarkably beautiful. She is the popular girl because she doesn’t ever have a breakout of acne, she is the popular girl because she can apply make-up beautifully, even though she doesn’t need it, and she is the popular girl because she always wears the latest fashions.

But she is not a kind girl. She bullies people that she doesn’t think are pretty enough, she bullies people with disabilities, and she hurts animals. She also does not listen to the teachers and her parents.

Even if she is beautiful and popular, she does not have true beauty. You could have all the beauty in the world, but if you had a cold heart, none of it would matter.

Then there might be another girl at your school. She is quite homely, and is not very popular, but she had true beauty.

She is kind to everyone she meets. She stops to talk to the girl who needs help with her math, and maybe even offers to help that girl with her math. She brings home animals she finds on the street, and helps them in any way she can. She is obedient, or at least she tries to be.

Which of these would you like to meet? The popular girl? Or the girl with true beauty?

I hope you are all having a great week and spring break!

In Christ,

chloe signoff