the Girls

Meet Allie Taylor!

(Founder . Contributor . Clubber) 

Hi! I’m Bob Allie Taylor. As you can tell, I’m pretty sarcastic. No, seriously, sometimes I introduce myself as Bob, but then the person just starts laughing, until I say, “I’m just kidding with you… My name is Allie.” I’m almost an author, a Christian, and a journalist of form. I play the violin, I am an artist and an INTJ. I am twelve years old, and write for Girl’s Living For God’s Glory, Christ Centered Girl’s Magazine, and Young Ladies For Christ (YLFC Club)! I am currently writing my first novel, Jack Cook. If you care, de-caf Peppermint mochas, Pumpkin Spice mochas, or White Chocolate mochas make me happy, along with scented Christmas candles, Christmas cookies, Christmas decorations, Piano Guys music, (Especially The Cello Song!!!) Hanging out with her best friends, (A very small group, I might add) and staying at home vs. going out to some big event. (Introvert problems, right?)

The greatest thing that has ever happened to me happened pretty recently. The greatest joy, unspeakable joy, (ask Maris, she witnessed it.) came over me on November 30th, 2016. Maris said one thing that changed everything for me. Your time will come. Simple and ordinary and common to someone, everyone. But life-changing for me. That night I accepted Jesus into my heart. Thank you, Jesus, for turning my eyes to you. Surely, like Maris said, my time would come. I bet she didn’t think that it would come a few minutes after she told me that, though. 😉

Anyway, I have one thing to say, that beats everything else. Your time will come. So just wait. You’ll see. 😉

Visit Allie’s personal blog over @ The Depth of My Faith

Meet Anika Joy!

(Contributor . Clubber) 

Hi, I’m Anika! A.K.A, Anika Joy, Ani, or Joy (my friends call me Joy around my friend named Annika because they get us mixed up all the time. 😉 ).
I’m a quiet but loud girl living in the coldest place on earth (at least in the winter) with my ginormous family of seven and a half (one is still developing in my mother’s stomach). According to the Meyer-Briggs personality type test, I am a crazily stubborn and strong willed ENFP with a passion for fun and sparkles (don’t forget the endless smiley faces and rainbow unicorns!). Give me a hot cup of roastaroma tea in the winter or a cold glass of homemade kombucha and I’ll be a happy duck for the day. I’m not much an outdoors person but do I love to take a book and read out in the sun in the summer. Like mermaids, adventure, and children’s fiction? You should check out my published children’s book; Penny’s New Beginning
I accepted Jesus into my heart on the same night that my younger sister did, and have been trying to live a better life and walk a better walk with my Lord and Savior ever since. I’m so glad that you found our blog!! Please stay, read a few posts, and get to know the clubbers and I a little. I’d love it if you would.
Visit Anika’s personal blog over @ This Journey Called Life

Meet Misty!

(Contributor . Clubber) 

Misty is one of those crazy people with too many ideas and too little time to write them all down. But she still tries anyway. You can find her in the back corner of her local library, curled up in a comfy beanbag chair and most surely glued to a good book. Just kidding, you’ll probably find her sitting at her desk with her fingers flying furiously across the keyboard.

In her spare time, Misty enjoys numerous hobbies such as photography, practicing the violin, tennis, blogging, and listening to music 24/7. She’s obsessed with words, being a devoted writer with dreams bigger than herself. According to the Meyer-Briggs Personality Test, she is an INFP.

Most importantly, Misty is a child of the One True King who falls deeper in love with her Savior every day. Everything she does is for His glory, and for His glory alone.

Visit Misty’s personal/writing blog over @ Creative World of Writing (this site is private, so you’ll have to request permission to get in) or her poetry blog @ Poetry Ponderings.

Meet Jade!

(Contributor. Clubber)

Hello! My name is Jade, and I am a writer, photographer, extrovert, nature lover and violinist.  I love sports.  My top two favorites would have to be basketball and volleyball.  Not only are those two sports super fun to play, but they are also pretty entertaining to watch!  Most importantly, I am a child of the One True King.  Each day I strive to seek after Him and honor Him in every way possible.  Most of the time you will find me reading on the couch or writing down some random story idea I have while drinking hot cocoa.

Meet Christine!

(Contributor. Clubber)

‘Ello! I am Christine, AKA Chrissie, Crispy, Chris (if you don’t want to live long), etc. I am a 16 years old, I  have three older sisters, three younger brothers, nine nieces and nephews, four dogs (three Golden Retrievers and a toy poodle) lovely friends, and an amazing Savior! I love to read, write, learn about history, sing in our choir, play piano, and spend time with small children. I am an INFP, according to the Meyer-Briggs personality typing. I am blessed in many ways and am very grateful for the opportunity to write here. 🙂

Visit Christine’s personal blog over @ Green Gables of Avonlea

Meet Maris!

(Contributor . Clubber)

Hey, girls! My name is Maris Rosalie and I live in a hobbit hole (I wish). I have one older sister, and one younger sister (I am stuck in the middle XD). My pets consist of one cat and two very old dogs who are both Jack Russells. I am an ESFJ-T or a “Consul” in the 16 personalities test. I love baking, playing my guitar, entertaining young children, playing volleyball, reading, and going places. I also do this thing called Bible Quizzing where we memorize whole chapters of the Bible (we are memorizing 11 chapters this yr.) and quiz on them. I am starting to get interested in photography. Some people like to call me the life of the party. Just be prepared for crazy! I am a mix of tomboy and a girly girl. I guess God just took those things, mixed them up, and made me. I can’t stand disorganized spaces, and I am a little claustrophobic. I am so excited to write for YLFC since it is my first blogging experience. I love coffee and white hot chocolate. Starbucks is the best! I love hanging out with friends and family, and I am extremely outgoing!  People call me the athlete of the family. I can’t stand it when I’m in the house all day! (; My older sister is so mad at me for being taller than her. Muahahahaha….       Helping Allie become a Christian was not only an amazing experience for her, it was an amazing experience for me as well (take a look at Allie’s bio if you don’t know what I’m talking about)! It felt so great to obey God’s command of spreading His Word! I’d like to challenge you with that today. If you are a Christian already, go out and tell other people about your amazing faith! Don’t keep the Good News to yourself, share it! If you are not a Christian, I encourage you to listen to the people that minister to you! I trust and love God, and I am so excited to be on this journey with you!

                                                                          ~Maris Rosalie

Meet Haley!

(Contributor . Clubber)

Hi, I’m Haley! I’m fourteen years old and I love COFFEE and egg nog!  I also enjoy reading, writing and baking.  I love doing photography, capturing the moment and making it a memory, it makes me so happy!  I am a crazy ENFP-A.  I love being around a lot of people!  I am a child of the one true King, and I am excited to be on this journey with you.

Meet K.A.!

(Contributor . Clubber) 

Hi, guys! I’m K.A! I’m 12 years old and I live on a farm. I looooove animals, I love my family, but most of all, I love my God and Lord, Jesus Christ. I own one horse, three fish, one dog (and some pups) and two pot-bellied pigs. I raise Border collies and pigs and like training dogs and horses. During the summer I love to gather cattle for people using our dogs and horses. I also enjoy driving the four wheeler around our place. I love writing stories and expressing my gratefulness for blessings in my writing. I love drawing- even though it’s not a strong point- and many other crafty things. I’ve never won a medal, never been in professional sports, but I play Ultimate Frisbee with our friends for fun on Monday nights. But it’s not about winning or losing, it’s just about having fun. Although I love doing all these amazing things, one of the best things to do ever is to sit down with a blanket and some hot chocolate and read my bible. God is my Savior and King. And that will never change.

You can visit K.A’s personal blogs @ Cuddly Critters Blog and Bursts of Inspiration.

Meet Chloe!

(Contributor . Clubber)

Hey! I’m Chloe, a crazy, Christian tween girl who loves to write and read. I’m passionate about charity, and I am growing closer to God every day, thanks to the YLFC! Now, here’s my story. Just like Allie, the greatest day of my life was November 30th, 2016. We were both on our hangout, and we were all talking about our faith. And then Maris said, “Your time will come.” And just like Allie, a peace came over me. I couldn’t explain it, but Allie and I felt the same thing. And then I asked Jesus into my heart. I am so excited to be part of YLFC and growing stronger in my newfound faith.

You can visit Chloe’s personal blog @ My Hobbit Hole

6 thoughts on “the Girls”

  1. Maris, that’s funny, because I’m SO close to being taller than my older sister too!!! Haha! 😉 One of them.. I have two older sisters… I’m ALMOST taller than one of them though!! She always slouches when I’m near her so that she’s for sure shorter than me because she doesn’t want me to see! haha! 😉 😀 I love my sisters so much though! 🙂


  2. How did you guys become clubbers on YLFC? Is there like an application process or something? Just wondering…
    Also, I love the blog, and I enjoyed reading all the different bios. You guys are a great team! Keep writing for Him!


    1. Hi Kadie! Well, I started the blog, and got together some of my good friends to start a blog where we can grow in Christ together. I told them that they were welcome to invie friends of theirs to join the site too, and they did! I just asked the new members a few questions, and they became a part of YLFC!
      Thanks so much, Kadie! We all really appreciate that! We hope to!
      – Allie, founder of YLFC Club

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