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Ten of My Favorite Hymns


Hello, ladies! Today I will be sharing ten of my favorite hymns, but not with links. However, I will tell you the exact title of each hymn as the channel has it.

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

What can I say about this hymn? Umm. I LOVE IT.

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus with lyrics

Praise to the Lord the Almighty

Praise to the Lord the Almighty – Jill Phillips

He who would Valiant Be

This is probably my favorite hymn of all time!!! ❤

He who would Valiant Be – John Bunyan
Come Ye Sinners
Again, ❤
Fernando Ortega -Come Ye Sinners (Lyrics Onscreen)
Take My Life
This hymn helps me on the hardest days, just by humming it.
Take My Life (And Let It Be) Chris Tomlin [Lyrics]
Hallelujah, What a Savior
This version is sung by kids!!!
Hallelujah, What a Savior with Lyrics
Jesus Loves Me
This version is also by kids, and I’m sure you’ll agree when I say they are ADORABLE!!!
Cedarmont Kids – Jesus Loves Me
Count Your Blessings
Count Your Blessings by St John’s Children’s Choir
You Raise Me Up
So true. God does raise us up! ❤
you raise me up – josh groban with lyrics
We Gather Together
I learn this at Thanksgiving every year, or at least listen to it. It is strictly a Thanksgiving hymn for us, but I really should change that. This version is ALSO sung by kids.
Songs of America – We Gather Together [with lyrics]
And that concludes today’s post!
In Christ,
chloe signoff