10 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

brighten someone's day

Hello, ladies! Today I thought I would post a list of 10 ways to brighten up someone’s day. Though you may not know it, someone you love might be struggling with something, and might need a little cheering up. And even if they don’t, the world can always you a little more sunshine, right?

1. Help an elderly neighbor around the house or yard.

2. If it is allowed, set up a stand with FREE lemonade and cookies.

3. Open the door for someone.

4. Volunteer at your local food bank, library, or some other place.

5. Take your siblings to the park, or babysit for free.

6. Help a friend with their chores.

7. Surprise your parents with breakfast in bed.

8. Read to a younger sibling.

My sister has Dyslexia, so I do this a lot, and she always loves it! I also have a little friend who is five years old, and she loves this so much as well! It’s funny how such a little things can make them so happy!

9. Smile at as many people as you can.

10.  Make gift baskets for a nursing home.

Better yet, make the baskets and deliver them personally to the residents.

I hope you liked this list of ways to brighten someone’s day!

In Christ,

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6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day”

  1. Also, writing encouraging letters to friends/family who live far away. I know I always love it when my Christian friends and mentors write me! Thanks for a great post!

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